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Back to School


Yesterday marked the first day of school for many kids.  Ethan too officially started his first day at Nursery school yesterday.  He has been looking forward to going back to school to see all his friends and having fun.

“School’s opened today?”, “I can see all my friends?” were some of the questions he has been asking our way.

He’s in an all-new classroom this year, with many of the same friends still around and a few new ones.  I had also found out his teacher’s names so he already knew them before he reached school.  One of his teachers is the same one who was with him during Playgroup last year, so that would make him acclimatize himself much better.

When I accompanied him into his classroom yesterday, there were lots of parents standing around the classroom.  Some kids were having separation anxiety and were sobbing away, or looking very sad.  I don’t think Ethan was having separation anxiety, because he didn’t look sad at all.  Instead he was walking around the classroom, pointing out his name, and the numbers and even gave his teacher a hug. 

But still he wouldn’t let me leave.

After the kids had had a small tour round the school, and had washed their hands for their snack time, I asked Ethan if I could leave and pick him up later.

He said, “Yeah.”

So I left.

Today, I took him to class again, said buh-bye and told him I would come and get him later.

We’re getting there, inch by inch and step by step, my boy is learning a little bit of independence all on his own, and growing up right before my eyes.

  1. michelle’s avatar

    You got sob sob when you leave? He is a big boy now.

    Joyce says: No la…but maybe when the time comes that he goes, “Bye Mommy, you can leave me here now.” I might start sniffling. 😛


  2. Collin’s avatar

    Wah…new haircut for first day of school, huh? hehe…;-p

    Joyce says: For New Year too… 🙂


  3. Paik ling’s avatar

    Ethan’s new haircut very short!!!

    Joyce says: It will grow out soon! LOL


  4. contentedmom’s avatar

    I like that hair cut too! super cool!

    Joyce says: Thanks!



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