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Ethan: Daddy, can I watch Playhouse Disney, please? 
Daddy: Just a minute.  Daddy wants to watch TV first.
Ethan: Why you wanna watch TV Daddy?
Daddy: Because Daddy wants to watch sports.
Ethan: Which channel Daddy?  Channel 812?
Daddy: Yes Ethan.  Channel 812.  I’ll let you watch 613 in a minute, okay?
Ethan: Why Daddy?  Why you want to watch sports on channel 812, Daddy?
Daddy: Because Daddy likes to watch sports.
Ethan: And WHY Daddy?  Why you like to watch sports Daddy?
Daddy: Errr….because I was born that way.
Ethan: And WHY are you born that way Daddy?
Daddy: Errrr….go and ask your Ah Ma…
Ethan: Which Ah Ma, Daddy?  The Ipoh Ah Ma or the Taiping Ah Ma, Daddy?
Daddy: The Taiping Ah Ma.
Ethan: Okay….now can I watch 613 Daddy?

  1. Collin’s avatar

    hahahaha…I always enjoy these dialogue blogs. :-p

    Koko Ethan…you seem to have the makings of a lawyer…hehe…:-D


  2. rachel’s avatar

    ahahahahahhaahah “Why” phase now??



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