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Our Chinese New Year in pictures


Endearing shot of Mommy and Ethan, taken during the reunion dinner.


Found some time for a family photo too. This year, we had reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the new Flemington Hotel in Taiping. Atmosphere is certainly different than that of a reunion dinner at home, but one thing good is that we don’t need to do the dishes!


Ethan being *shy* when asked to pose for a picture.


…and now, he’s all warmed up! 🙂


Ethan being all big-brotherly and sharing a *conversation* with Hannah.


My little princess and me 🙂


In Ipoh, a picture taken with Ah Ma and Ah Kong, and the two girls: Hannah and her little cousin Caitlynn. The boys (Ethan and Collin) just weren’t interested. Haha.


Instead, they were busy with Collin’s birthday cake. In Taiping, Ethan was all “I wanna go to Ipoh to cut Collin’s birthday cake!” So here they are…those 2 boys observing a momentary silence as they await what will happen to the cake.


…and finally…Ethan striking a PIRATE pose!


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