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He’s growing up!


My little baby boy, once my little bundle of joy, is really growing up right before my very eyes!  It seemed just like yesterday that I held him in my arms, a crying, helpless child….and now..look at him.  Well, of course I still hold him now, but it’s different…

He went for his first field trip on the last day of his first school term about a week ago.  The whole class, together with the teachers, took a bus to the toy museum that Friday morning.

I bet they all had a lot of fun, but I couldn’t help being a little concerned about his safety.  After all, it was the first time he would be visiting someplace without either Pete or me.  His teacher very kindly offered to take a few pictures of the trip for me with my camera, so I was eagerly waiting to see the photos too.


All my fears and concerns were unfounded when I picked him up after school and he told me all about his trip: who he sat with on the bus, what he did, how he would LOVE to go on the bus again…I knew he had enjoyed himself tremendously.


He’s really growing up…and I am just so BLESSED to be able to share his growing up years with him.

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    Sniff sniff…awwww….:-D



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