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Bible Verse of the Day

The same but not quite the same


There’s no doubt how much Hannah adores her big brother Ethan.  She loves to play with him all the time, and looks on in awe as he goes about his funny antics, and laughs hysterically when he does funny things.

But she doesn’t quite behave as he did when Ethan was her age.

*Gung-ho* is a word that is quite aptly used to describe Hannah.  For she may seem sweet and adorable, but I think deep down inside she’s a real toughie.  We’ve started using “No” to indicate to Hannah she is not supposed to do something, but all she does is turn around, look at us with a look that says, “Huh? Why am I not supposed to do this?” and then calmly she will walk away.  No tears, no whining.  Ethan, on the other hand, used to bawl the very moment we firmly said, “No”.

One of the *weird* things that attract Hannah is the TV panel at the bottom of our TV.  It’s an enclosed panel that flips open when pushed.  And our girl figured it out.  So she would walk to the TV, push the panel open, and then swiftly walk away.  Even though we have told her countless times NOT to do it, she still does it.

And what’s even funnier is how Ethan would promptly shut the panel and tell Hannah, “No Hannah…stop doing that!”

And Hannah will repeat it over and over again.

Upon the insistence of Ethan, I put Hannah on the naughty stool a few times, but it doesn’t appear to work YET because Hannah seems to enjoy being on the stool.

Although Ethan and Hannah look almost the same, with those killer long eyelashes and BIG eyes, they have totally different behaviours.  And that’s what makes them unique and special, no?


  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    such wonderful to see both bro and sis getting along well n having fun…



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