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Parents’ Day Celebration

Last Friday, 2 days before Mother’s Day, Ethan’s school had a celebration for Parents’ Day.  The school decided to combine the celebration for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, hence Parents’ Day.  Pete could not leave work that morning, so I decided to attend the celebration together with Hannah.


Parents’ Day was also celebrated in conjunction with Book Week, and the kids were asked to come dressed in their favorite storybook characters.  Ethan wanted to dress up as Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks, but he didn’t want to wear the faux ears and tail; he only wanted to put on socks on his hands and feet.  So he was dressed all in red (just like Fox in Socks) and put on blue socks for his hands and feet.

The school had a little picture-frame-making activity for the parent and child too.  We were given all the material to decorate a picture frame with our kid.  For me, it was quite a challenge because I had to watch Hannah too.  She didn’t want to stay too long in the baby sling, so I took her out and let her play with some of the educational toys in Ethan’s classroom while Ethan and I did the decorating.


Here’s Ethan showing off his little cubbie, with his name on it:


After that, the kids presented their parents with some little presents they had made for us. Ethan gave me a bookmark with *my picture* on it (he had drawn a picture of me!), a handmade red rose and a heartshaped cookie with sprinkles which he had baked in school. Precious!


Here’s a picture of one of the class projects Ethan was working on a few weeks earlier.  His teacher tells me the brown part at the bottom was all *contributed* by Ethan!


After that, there was a garden party with lots of potlucked food.  I couldn’t really eat much because it was quite difficult to eat while slinging Hannah.  I could only manage some jelly and cake and lots of water!  Ethan had pasta, cakes and water.  Little Hannah had fallen asleep in the sling, even though the weather was scorching HOT!

And as we were driving home from school after the celebration, Ethan said, “Mommy, I had so much fun in school today!”  And that totally made my day! 🙂


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