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Bible Verse of the Day

Washing of Hands


Hannah loves washing her hands.  And now, she even understands instructions to wash hands.  Whenever I say, “Okay guys, it’s time to wash our hands.  Let’s go!”, Hannah will walk to the bathroom door and extend her hands out towards the door…yes, just like in the picture above.

After washing her hands, she even knows how to go to her brother’s room to wipe her hands dry on his towel!  Sometimes, if she forgets to dry her hands, I’ll remind her and she’ll rush to Ethan’s room.

She just loves washing her hands so much that just the other day, when I asked Ethan to wash his hands, Hannah heard the words “Wash hands” and promptly rushed to the bathroom, thinking that I had also asked her to wash her hands.  But she tripped and fell, knocking her forehead on the door frame!  Ouch!

There was a “big bungalow” on her forehead because of that and she cried ever so loudly.  We put some ice on it and it has subsided somewhat.

Now when I ask the kids to wash hands, Hannah will run to the bathroom, but she will stop short of the door mat, i.e. the spot where she had tripped.

  1. Collin’s avatar

    Wee! Another hygiene freak..just like me! Hope you’ll recover well from your first landed property investment.

    Don’t worry about the pain, ok? I already have a housing estate dy…:-p


  2. Linda Tan’s avatar

    ohh…poor baby….kesian



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