Bible Verse of the Day

Round and spiky and … RED?

Ethan’s got new playthings!  Check ’em out…


We finally managed to find a pair of football /soccer boots for Ethan in his size, and Daddy got him a Size 1 Jabulani ball in the Liverpool flavor too!

Ethan has been *scoring goals* around the house ever since, and he really can’t wait to break into his new boots too!


There was something else we are seriously considering getting for Ethan…we’re holding back only because it’s a little bit big on him…but what do you think?  Should we get it anyway? 🙂



  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Get it! He will grow into the kit soon enough… 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, was thinking the same thing! 🙂


  2. Allan’s avatar

    whoa…liverpool unveils its latest superstar….:-D

    Joyce says: Yeah man…the kit really does become him, doncha think? 🙂


  3. Linda Tan’s avatar

    CA can have father & son football game soon with Ethan..It’s the guy thing ah?!



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