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Hannah at 17 months

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Growing taller and taller by the day!


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with a few more teeth appearing at the back, possibly pramolars.  I’m cleaning her teeth daily with a special tooth tissue, but when those run out, I will start her teeth brusing regiment. 

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can RUN around.
  • She can do the down-dog (or downward facing dog) pose.
  • She can cross her fingers (both fingers together).

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah can point to several parts of her body when prompted, e.g. nose, hair, fingers (she’ll cross her fingers), tummy, cheeks.
  • Says “Poopoo” quite consistently, though often it’s just a false alarm or she just wants to sit on the throne.  But a few times when she said, “Poopoo” and gave that oh-so-familiar *straining* look, I’ve successfully taken her to the potty and she’d successfully poopoo-ed! 🙂
  • Calls “Mommy!” very clearly, Daddy is still “deh-deh!” and Ethan is either “Anah!” or *points finger at Ethan*
  • She knows her name is Hannah and can call herself “Hannah”.
  • Can parrot everything rather well, which resulted in her calling “Mah!” for “Ah-Mah” when my Mom was here for a visit.  Made Grandma pleased as pie. 🙂
  • Hannah is very friendly and is a very sociable little girl.  She will wave and say “Hi!” to anyone she meets, even strangers, especially so if the person is a child.  And then she will also happily wave “Bye!” when we are leaving.
  • Hannah can nod her head (for yes or affirmative answers) or shake her head vigorously (when she means no) and she does so meaningfully.
  • Can say “daw” for “dog”, “bur” for “bird”, among others.
  • She can scream her head off.

Food and Feeding

Hannah eats almost everything we eat now, with the exception of herbal stuff which we don’t know the contents of and food high in sugar and salt content.  She eats porridge on weekdays and mostly rice and noodles during the weekends.

As for milk, Hannah is still on 100% breast milk, with a little sampling here and there of chocolate milk and fresh milk.


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