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Ethan’s First School Concert

A few weekends ago, Ethan’s preschool had a little concert.  The theme of the concert this year was “The Garden”.

Prior to the concert day, Ethan had been reporting to us as to what he would be doing.  Apparently he would be singing and dancing in a Chinese song performance.  Initially he was supposed to say something in Chinese onstage together with another girl, his classmate.  But the teachers then decided that the girl would say it on her own, and Ethan was instead tasked with introducing his performance number….yes, in Chinese 😛

On the evening of the concert, we all drove to Ethan’s school and Ethan went off to the room to get into his costumes and do some *hair and makeup*. 

The concert was rather well-organized, and given the fact that the performers were all 2 to 4 year olds, it was superb.  Based on the concert’s theme, all the performances were centered around the garden theme: flowers, planting, the sun, farmers…etc.

Ethan’s performance was the very last one, and the truth is, both Pete and I were REALLY proud of our boy because he did a FANTASTIC job.  He danced, he sang and he thoroughly looked like he enjoyed himself. 🙂

Hannah unfortunately had fallen asleep before her brother’s performance, so we’ll have to show her the video some other day.

Here’s Ethan introducing his group’s performance.  What he said was,

“我们是地球的孩子 ( wǒ men shì dì qiú de hái zǐ  )” which means “We are the children of the Earth”, a very meaningful song indeed.


We actually practised saying what we *thought* he was supposed to say during the concert, but little did we know that what we practised was a different phrase.  It was the *earlier* one, but the teachers had changed it.  Anyway, Ethan still managed to say the right one when the time came.

And here are some of the *rather blurry* photos from the concert – these were the best we could get from where we were sitting.  We’re waiting to see the video 🙂



Ethan exuded confidence and showed us what a big boy he was becoming.  On stage, we could tell he was very HAPPY and he was looking out for Daddy and Mommy, perhaps to tell us, “Look Dad and Mom!  Here I am!”

And we are so very proud of him. 🙂

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  1. doreen’s avatar

    Well done Ethan!!

    My Ryan’s concert will be in mid of Sept. Wondering he’ll perform well like Ethan or not… as I saw him pretty blur during his dance practice in school few weeks ago. 😀


  2. Joanne’s avatar

    Ethan looks so different with the make up 🙂 Kelvin’s school concert will be on this Sunday. Hope he can perform as well as Ethan!! Do share with ur some clips when it’s available 🙂


  3. Joanne’s avatar

    Kelvin had his school concert yesterday. He also enjoy himself like Ethan. Feel so happy seeing our kids has such achievement huh!



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