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A Lil bit of Doggie Lovin’

When Ethan was much younger, he loved dogs.  In fact, his close encounter with a golden retriever was a really fun and loving one.

But somewhere along the line, he began to have a fear of dogs.  We would be taking our walks in the park when we were in the States and he would scream, “Aaaaahhhh!!! Dog!!!!” and run away or hide behind us.

So a few weekends ago, when we were vacationing in KL and decided to pay his Aunty Adelle a visit, we were bracing ourselves for some major screaming.  Adelle has a labrador and we figured Ethan would be afraid.

But we were so wrong…!!!


Look at how well they got along together…in fact, I think the lab (Hazy) was a bit scared of him for following her all around the house.  Even Hannah was not afraid of the dog.

When we asked Ethan why he wasn’t afraid of the dog, he said, “Because it’s a friendly doggie, Mommy.  It’s not a barking one!”



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