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Bible Verse of the Day

The shoes that fit

One of the hardest things to do in the mornings, when we are ready to leave the house for school, is to get both kids ready, wearing their sandals/shoes and out the door pronto.  I had been battling with this for a few weeks, with one kid or the other dilly-dallying, and short of tearing out my hair, I honestly didn’t know what to do.

Until I stumbled on the perfect solution!

I decided to make wearing sandals a competition.  Knowing my kids and their competitive streaks, I would ask, “Hmmm…let’s see who’s gonna win and finish wearing their sandals first today!”

Ethan will jump up and head straight for the door, and Hannah will scream, “Me!” and run out too, getting her sandals ready.

Ethan will then say, “Ready?….. Set?….” and Hannah will say, “GO!!!”

Ethan will wear his sandals and I will put on Hannah’s sandals.  Ethan wins most of the time, and will proclaim loudly, “I’m the winner!”

This *system* was foolproof…or so I thought.

Lately, Hannah has other ideas… When she says, “Go!”, she refuses to let me wear her sandals for her.  She would kick and scream and just sit there holding her sandals.  Took me a while to figure it out, but I soon found out that she wanted her BROTHER to wear them for her instead!


  1. Adelle Miller’s avatar

    Smart Girl………. :}


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    In that case, she’ll be the winner instead. Clever girl!



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