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We did lunch at Sushi King


Strangely enough, Ethan has developed a huge liking for Sushi King.  It must have started from the time his school was discussing “Restaurants” as the theme and the name Sushi King must have come up.  Suffice to say, Ethan will request to have lunch or dinner at Sushi King sometimes, and he enjoys himself on every occasion.  Although we don’t really like the food there, the look of joy on Ethan’s face is enough to make us feel satisfied. 🙂

Today, I decided to let Ethan skip lunch in school and opted to take him to Sushi King for lunch (it’s Japanese fast food, but it’s healthier than the *other* kind of fast food).  Whenever I take him for lunch, he would tell all his teachers and friends where he would be going, and today was no exception.

Sushi King was having a “RM2 per plate of rice-based sushi” promotion and today was the last day.  Thankfully we managed to get a good spot by the kaiten belt, and Ethan had fun helping me get the plates of sushi from the kaiten belt.  Our boy finished his entire bowl of rice in his kiddie’s meal and also a bowl of chawan mushi. 

Well…what can I say?  It was definitely a great lunch and an equally awesome mother-and-son bonding experience 🙂  We’ll be back!

  1. leona’s avatar

    Ethan And Ryan can shake hands…my boy is a no.1 fan of sushi too.



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