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Hannah at 19 months

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More than 11.2 kilos, and when she struggles while we are carrying her, it feels MUCH heavier!


81cm, roughly a head shorter than Ethan.


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with 2 pramolars appearing on the right side (top and bottom), also 2 canines starting to appear at the top jaw.

Now Hannah wants to hold the toothbrush and brush her teeth herself.  Yeah, she’s in that phase now where she wants to do everything herself.  So I normally will put some toothpaste on my index finger and brush her teeth for her first before she brushes with her toothbrush.  Thankfully, she still allows me to do that 🙂

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can hold the spoon and fork and eat by herself, albeit not in a very tidy manner.  A good start, though.
  • She can run quite well, so it’s quite a task taking both Hannah and Ethan out now, since we have to chase after them. (Yep, she no longer wants to be in the stroller)
  • She’s beginning to learn how to jump.
  • Hannah loves to empty the contents of boxes and containers all over the floor.  Sometimes she would fill up containers with building blocks and just throw them out on the floor, making a really loud noise!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah speaks mostly in mono-syllabic words now, but we can usually understand what she wants to relay to us.
  • She uses “UP!” when she wants us to carry her up, and when she sees me putting food on the table for dinner, she’ll say, “Rai! Rai!” (for rice)
  • Words she can say now:
    • “Milk”, pronounced correctly as “merlk”
    • “Bag”
    • “Chair”
    • “Park”
    • “Car”
    • “Ball”
    • “Door”
    • “Light”
    • “Two”, “three”, “eight”
    • “Bai!” (for “belly button”)
    • “Hair”
    • “My”, “Me!”
    • …and the start of terrible twos: “NO!”
  • She is able to complete the end syllable of some nursery rhymes, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  • Claps her hands when she is pleased with herself or when someone does something nice for her.
  • If she hurts herself, she will come to us and make a pitiful face and point at the part of her body where it hurts, indicating that we should kiss and make it better. (Yeah, she learnt that from her brother)
  • Hannah can recognize faces in photographs.  When she sees our wedding photos on the wall, she will point and say, “Mommy!” and “De-deh!” 🙂
  • Hannah loves to help out when she can; when she’s ready to bathe, I let her throw her dirty clothes in the laundry bag
  • She can *answer* some simple questions using “Me!” e.g. when I ask, “Whose turn is it to bathe now?”, Hannah says, “Me!” 🙂

Food and Feeding

Hannah can eat most of our regular food, and she is very willing to try new things.  She’s still being breastfed, and sometimes she will also drink the boxed chocolate milk, fresh milk and Yakult. She can eat both rice and porridge, and even the pieces of chicken in her food. I’ve also tried giving her the porridge with some peanuts in it (which we thought caused her to break out in a rash last month) but this time round, she was all right.


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