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Our Genting Highlands Getaway

Two weeks ago, we took a short and much-needed vacation and headed up to Genting Highlands.  It was our very first trip up there in a really long while, the last time we’d been up there being in late 2005, a few months before Ethan was born.  The kids were both totally psyched up about the whole idea of the holiday, so much so that they didn’t even sleep at all the entire journey!  Normally Hannah would fall asleep midway, but this time, she was very much awake, and Ethan was asking, “Why is it taking so long to get to Genting Highlands?” all the way there…

We took a little bit longer than usual to reach our destination because we had to make more stops than usual: Ethan had to go for very frequent toilet breaks.

And despite the fact that the kids had no sleep at all the entire journey, they were as excited as ever when we arrived!


Besides being a chance for the kids to have fun, we also met up with Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Ipoh in Genting Highlands, and the kids were pleased as pie to see both their grandparents.


Although the 3D2N stay in Genting Highlands left us all tired out, we all had a lot of fun… 🙂

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


Got the All Park day pass for us so that we could enjoy the rides in both the outdoor and indoor theme parks.  Hannah could still enter the parks for free for now, but there were some rides she was not allowed to ride on.


“Daddy Daddy, can I please go ride on the airplane like Ethan Koko and Mommy?”


Sorry baby, no can do…but we did take a family ride in the revolving teacups…and boy did that leave us incredibly dizzy!


Hannah showing her “dizzy and confused” look.


Feeding the koi in the koi pond. 


Making sure the fish are well fed.


All the fishes sure had a healthy appetite!

 genting10 deep thought…perhaps thinking about which ride to go on next!


“What??!!!  You mean we need to go for lunch now??!!  So soon?!!!”


…not before Ethan takes us for a drive in the antique car! 🙂


Happy and contented passengers in the antique car ride.

 genting14 Lunch at Ming Ren “Lamb Specialty” Restaurant: Braised Lamb with Lotus Root (Yummy!)



“No more pictures, please, Mommy!  I wanna go back to the Theme Park now!


In Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland.  Hannah is errr…making a getaway!


In a land far far away…


Spectacular view of Genting Highlands


“Daddy, are you sure there are no dinosaurs around here?”


Entrance to Dinosaurland


Little Miss Pouty Lips


What goes BUMP in the night?  Ethan having a go at the Junior Bumper Cars.


All smiles as he got on the Ride de Paris in the Indoor Theme Park.


And here’s one for the road!  Don’t we all look utterly satisfied with our buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace? 🙂


  1. Linda Tan’s avatar

    Am sure u guys had great fun…can tell from the pics. Btw, nice pics…taken using new camera? 😛

    Joyce says: No la, pictures were taken from my trusty Canon point-n-shoot 🙂 It wasn’t my birthday yet, when we were in Genting Highlands 😛


  2. leona’s avatar

    Seeing the bumper cars brings back memories of my childhood…
    Nice place for a weekend getaway…esp with kids!


  3. Collin’s avatar

    Yay…those shots brings back good memories too! Can’t wait to go there again….especially after I’ve gained some additional cm first…hee!


  4. chanelwong’s avatar

    the kids looks sooo happy yar..
    we are also thinking to make a trip there…which will be AL’s first time…


  5. Linda Tan’s avatar

    ahhh…okok. How’s new camera? *devil grin….



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