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Hannah at 20 months

hannah_20months Scrap Credits
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Around 11.5 kilos


Around 82 cm


8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with 2 pramolars appearing on the right side (top and bottom), also 2 canines starting to appear at the top jaw.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can eat by herself and finish her food quite fast too.
  • She loves to try new things, especially in the playground.  She loves the slides, but must still be supervised.
  • She likes to draw and scribble and paint.  She’ll play with the doodle pad and color pencils and paint (sometimes).  I might introduce her to finger painting soon!
  • Hannah loves to climb stairs, but we need to watch out when she is going down the stairs though.
  • She can bounce, whether on the couch or the floor; this is the first step towards learning how to jump.
  • Hannah can take a DVD, press the EJECT button on the player, insert the DVD, and press the CLOSE button on the player.
  • Basically, she will try to follow whatever her brother is doing.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Most of the time, we can understand what Hannah wants to convey, be it from her words or from her actions.  Sometimes if we do not understand what she is trying to say, Hannah will lead us by the hand and point to whatever it is she wants or do.
  • Her vocabulary is increasing every single day, so much so that I have really lost count of all the words she knows.  I’ll try to list as many as I can:
    • More” – actually she could already say this word a few months ago, and she uses it when she wants to ask for more food.
    • She knows her animals too, and she can say: Duck, Cat, Dog, Turtle, Cow, Pig, Bird, Bear
    • Three syllable words and phrases: “Mommy Come!”, “Mommy Card!”, “Baby BOP!”, “Chuggington!” and “Bar-wee!!” for “Barney”
    • Last syllable of some two-syllable and three-syllable words: “mote” for “remote”, “Mau” for “Mickey Mouse”, “Lo” for “Hello”, “puh” for “Apple”, “per” for “diaper”, “More..” while making the sign on both her hands for “No More!”,
    • Round
    • Yoyo
    • Wear (she’ll say “wear!” and point to her sandals, asking me to help her wear them)
    • Colors: “Lello” for “Yellow”, Red, “Boo” for “blue”, Green, Black, White
    • “Dai” for “dry”
    • Walk
    • “kau” for “couch”
    • Night – she says this when she wants to say “Goodnight”
    • Numbers she can say: Two, three, four, “fai”, eight, “nai”, ten
    • Ma (for “Ah Ma”), “Kurng” (for “Ah Kong”), “Poh”, “Pek”, “Koko”, “Kor Kor”, “Koo”, “Kim”, “Nah!” for “Hannah”
    • “Barbeee!” for “barbecued pork” i.e. char siew
    • Door
    • Baby
    • “Ka-kai”
    • “Tight” if she wants to tell me something she is wearing is too tight, and “tights” to refer to her tights.
    • “Wet” – she’ll tell me if her clothes are wet, or if she needs be changed (if her diaper is wet)
    • Body parts: Hair, eyes, nose, “mau” for mouth, fingers (she will show us her fingers), toes, leg, knees.
    • “Poo poo” and “Pee pee” 🙂
    • …but she still calls “Deh-deh” for “Daddy”
  • She can complete the ends of some favorite songs:
    • Mommy: Twinkle twinkle little..
      Hannah: TAR!!! … How I…
      Mommy: … wonder what you…
      Hannah: ARE!!
    • Radio: I got a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good..
      Hannah: NIGHT!
      Radio: That tonight’s gonna be a good..
      Hannah: NIGHT!
    • Radio: Every time I close my…
      Hannah: EYES
      Radio: I see my name in shining…
      Hannah: LIGHTS!
    • Mommy: London bridge is falling…
      Hannah: DOWN!
      Mommy: Falling…
      Hannah: DOWN!
      Mommy: Falling…
      Hannah: DOWN!

Food and Feeding

Still going very strong with her food intake, I’m pleased to note that Hannah is very adventurous in trying all kinds of food, even the salad that I make!  However, she loves to eat off my plate!  She also finds joy in feeding herself, either with a spoon or with her fingers.

In addition to drinking fresh milk and chocolate milk, I’ve also recently just supplemented her milk intake with GainPlus formula milk.  She will only drink the milk if it is mixed and cooked with oats though, and she takes about 1 or 2 helpings a day.  

Hannah is still breastfed and she still asks for “milk” especially at night. 

Hannah is also very receptive to the Amway chewable multivitamins I give her, and she can easily consume one tablet herself, just by chewing.

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Happy 20 months old…
    That is a great achievement for her at 20 months old…



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