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Bible Verse of the Day

If Ethan were Handy Manny…


Ethan has been picking up a few foreign language terms lately.  He learns a little bit of Chinese (Mandarin) in school and he has been asking me how to count in French (thank goodness I paid attention in class), how to say simple phrases like hello, goodbye, etc.  Other than French, he picked up how to say “hello” in Spanish.

Ethan: Hola!
Me: Hola!  Yes, Ethan..that’s Hello in Spanish…just like Handy Manny, right?
Ethan: What, Mommy?
Me: You know, Handy Manny?  He says, “Hola!  Handy Manny’s Repair Shop!  You break it…?”
Ethan (without missing a beat): YOU FIX IT!

Well…that’s how Ethan would run his “repair shop” 🙂


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