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Bible Verse of the Day

Stacking ’em High


There’s just something about Lego that gets to kids.  Ethan loves creating masterpieces with the Lego blocks and Hannah has also found something she can do with them: STACK


See how high her tower is?


Look at the level of intense concentration…


I’m always amazed at how long she can just sit there and quietly build the tower… 🙂

Maybe I’ll ask her to build one that is taller than she is!

  1. PoeyChin’s avatar

    wow..i wish rachel can sit still n built tower. Her attention span is very short. She likes to run around and make noise.

    Joyce says: Oh Hannah runs around and makes noise too…but I think almost all kids have short attention spans. Can’t expect them to sit still for long. Legos keep Hannah occupied for maybe 5-10 mins, but sometimes she wants someone to sit and build ’em with her too!



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