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The weekend before Christmas

(I had better post this before CNY comes around…gasp!)

We took the kids for a vacation in KL the weekend before Christmas.  It was just a little something we planned for the school holidays, and although we knew it was going to be quite tiring, it would be worth the while because the kids would surely enjoy themselves.

As usual, we had our fair share of “tummy-stuffing” (like a prelude to what’s to come for Christmas)…this was the steamboat pot that every table was provided with when we had buffet lunch at Shogun at 1-Utama.


After Ethan had had his lunch, he began to tap into his Top Chef skills…


A *yummy* creation made with his own two hands? 🙂  Amazing what he could create with the remnants of the cheesecake…


Hannah, despite her young age, also thoroughly enjoyed herself … and made a PERFECT mess too!  Hopefully we won’t be banned from the restaurant after this…


Had to give her a change of clothes too, after she spilled the grape juice all over herself!  Here she is, checking to see if there’s anything left to eat on the table:


Hannah with Daddy…


Hannah with Kor Kor…


Ethan too busy being Top Chef, remember? 😛

Anyway, after that we walked off the meal by strolling around the mall.  The kids *insisted* on riding on these *animals*…

A kid-sized doggie for Ethan…


And a small toddler-sized elephant for Hannah…


Daddy wanted in on the fun too:


After a whole day of fun, Hannah was totally knocked out by dinnertime!



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