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A bit milk left…


If anyone wants advice or information on breastfeeding, I will be more than willing to share my experiences and good practices.  I can tell you how to improve milk production, what to eat, how to start off on breastfeeding as soon as baby is born, and I can also offer tips on how to express milk if you are still working and want to feed your baby EBM.  If you need recommendations on a good breast pump, I can also give you my two cents’ worth, including where to buy and how much to expect, be it a manual pump or an electric one.  If you want my thoughts on which types of nursing pads to use, I’m your gal too.

But if you ask me how to wean baby from the breast, sorry…I’m stumped myself.

It was very hard for me to wean Ethan the last time, and now, I am facing an equally arduous task of weaning Hannah.  With Ethan, I used Bonjela, but since then I have heard conflicting opinions on how Bonjela might not be the safest best for kids.  If anyone has any insight on this, I’d be happy to find out more.

Anyway, I have been slowly telling Hannah that Mommy’s milk supply is running low.  Sometimes when she asks for milk, I’d tell her, “You just had some milk Hannah.  And anyway, Mommy has very little milk left.  Only a bit milk left, baby.”

She’ll look at me pleadingly with those big brown eyes of hers and say, “A bit milk!” and position herself for a feed.  Talk about persistence.

Sometimes after a feed, she’ll tell me “Milk finish!”

I’ll then ask her, “Do you want more milk in your cup?”

She’ll nod and say, “Yellow cup!”

So now when she wants to be breastfed, she’ll say, “A bit milk!” or “A bit left!”, or depending on the situation, she’ll sometimes say, “Other side!”

Yes, as you can see, I have no idea how to wean her yet.  I’m praying she’ll wean herself off on her own…anyone experienced that before?

  1. MieVee @’s avatar

    I started weaning gradually when Vee was 14 months old, completed weaning at 18 months old. In the day, we replaced 1 feed for 1-2 weeks than replaced another. If he asked to nurse before sleep, I said “No more milk milk, milk milk all gone” with hand signs that he knows. I let him kiss the boobs “Night night” and distract him with bedtime stories. Finally he weaned himself off all night feeds, when previously he fussed to suckle up to 10 times a night. Phew!

    All the best. 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks for sharing! At 14 months’ old, I doubt either one of us (Hannah or myself) was ready to be weaned. My intention was and still is, to breastfeed her till the age of 2, just like her brother. Well, I’ll just have to try to coax her out of it now…



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