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Hannah at 23 months

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At a recent visit to the doc’s for her cough and cold, she was weighed in at 12 kilos. 


Slightly more than 82 cm


She wouldn’t open up her mouth long enough for me to count accurately, but from what I could see/estimate, Hannah now has 16 teeth: 8 incisors (4 top and 4 bottom), with 4 pramolars appearing on the right side (top and bottom) and left side (top and bottom); bottom left pramolar is taking its time to grow!;  also 2 canines starting to appear at the top jaw, and 2 canines on the bottom jaw.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can jump pretty well for her age, and for someone who is not even 2 years old, I would say that’s no mean feat!
  • She’s quite adept at climbing up the stairs by herself, and she even knows it’s safer to hold on to the railings.  But we still insist on holding her hand all the time, of course.
  • Also loves to run around, especially with her brother, but sometimes she’ll ask us to “carry” her.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah is very very sociable and friendly, and loves to say “hello” or “hi” to everyone she meets.  She also loves to play with other kids and will take the initiative to initiate play.
  • She is also very inquisitive, and keeps asking “What’s that?” while pointing at things, or “Who’s that?” when she sees someone she doesn’t know.
  • Hannah can count 1-10 by rote.  In fact I am rather surprised by the accuracy in her pronunciation too.
  • She can recognize the color “yellow”, “pink”, “purple” and “orange”.
  • She can express her opinion, i.e. “don’t want”, or make a choice as to which one of 2 or 3 items offered to her she wants.
  • She can say “NO” very very clearly.
  • Sometimes she does throw her tantrums and tries to get her own way.  In many ways, Hannah is even more stubborn than Ethan was, and she does not respond with fear to the word “NO” when we say it.  However, we’re glad that she’s learning how to say “Sorry” from her brother, although it might take some time before she actually learns the meaning of it.
  • Hannah understands the meaning of *possession*, and can tell which things belong to her, to Ethan, to Mommy or Daddy.  When asked “Whose is this?”, she’ll respond “Hannah’s!”

Food and Feeding

A new snack that she absolutely loves is the arrowroot chips that are so popular during Chinese New Year.  I have to restrict her intake too, as this girl can eat this snack non-stop.

Hannah is still breastfed and she still asks for “milk” especially at night.  Sometimes when she asks for “milk”, I’ll tell her Mommy does not have any more milk.  Her response would be to say “A bit left” (meaning there’s only a bit of milk left) or she would say, “Other side”.

Potty Training

She can successfully poo poo in the potty 95% of the time now, which means less dirty diapers for me to deal with!  Yay!!!  She’ll tell me she wants to “poopoo” and when I take her there, she’ll sit for a while, sometimes fiddling with a paper wipe.  At times, it will be a false alarm, but we’ve had success on most occassions.

As I did with Ethan, I’m putting Hannah straight on the adult toilet with a child toilet seat.  It makes the transition to the adult toilet seamless and it’s also less of a hassle to clean up. 

After she does her “business”, she always requests for me to “wash butt” for her.


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