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Questions, questions and more questions…


Extremely wise beyond his age, and extremely talkative too, Ethan has been asking a gadzillion questions.  In fact, there have been so many questions that I could hardly keep up with them all…some have really stumped us too!

“Mommy, how did God create the earth?”

“How did God know how to create the earth?”

“On what day of the week did God create the earth?”

“Why did God put us on the earth?  How did he know the earth is the best place for us?  Why didn’t he put us on another planet?”

“What year was it when God created the earth?”

“If Adam and Eve are the first man and woman in this world, who got pregnant with them?”

“Why is it only girls can get pregnant?”

“Mommy, when I become a teenager I will have LOTS of hair, right?  Will Daddy and Mommy lose their hair then?”

“Mommy, why is it that when I use these letters to form words, they don’t turn into things like WordWorld?”

“Why is it only boys wear underpants and girls wear panties?”

And when we ask him why he has SO MANY questions for us, his reply is very simple, “Because Mommy, I’m VERY interested in everything that God makes!” 🙂

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan looks like miniature Pete in this picture! 🙂

    Joyce says: He does, doesn’t he? He probably acts like his Daddy did years ago too!



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