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Samba in Rio!


Last Friday, on a whim, we decided to take BOTH kids to watch Rio.  We knew Ethan could sit through the entire movie, but for Hannah, it was a first.  True, she was only 2, but at home, she had displayed tremendous concentration when she watches videos and TV, we figured why not try it?  The worst that could happen was if she made a fuss, I would just take her out of the cinema.

We used one of those free child movie passes that came with a Happy Meal purchase.  We had to buy 2 adult movie tickets though, to get the free child movie pass, and it was only valid at TGV.  The only TGV in Penang is at 1st Avenue, so it was a first time watching a movie there for all of us too.  Hannah did not need a ticket, so she just sat on my lap.


The kids went wild with excitement and waited eagerly for our cinema number to flash, so that we could go in.


Inside the cinema, Hannah was kept busy eating popcorn, so she was very well behaved for about 45 minutes or so.  Once the popcorn was exhausted, she started playing with my mineral water, and fidgeting in her seat.  Note to self: in future, make sure the popcorn lasts the entire movie. 😛

She began to wander up and down the aisles and wanted to try out the couple seats at the back row, the other seats beside us as well as the stairs.  The suddenly she wanted to go potty (for a big one).  So I had to take her out to the toilet.  Thankfully the toilet was very clean, and just a few steps away from our cinema 🙂

When we got back, Hannah was still restless.  Good thing though, that the cinema was very empty that day.  She snuggled up and tried to get some shuteye, but couldn’t.  In the end, we managed to sit through the entire movie, without too much of a fuss.

Would we do it again?  Sure, if it’s a suitable movie, and this time, I’ll make sure there’s plenty of popcorn to go round!

Oh, and I’m still perplexed as to why Rio has already been released in Malaysia, whereas the release date in US is only on April 15th!  Ethan LOVES the show though…when he wanted to go toilet somewhere near the end, he said, “Mommy I need to go to the toilet.  Can you please pause the show?”

Haha…yeah, we’re currently on a collecting spree for all the Rio toys from McDonald’s…(see first picture at the top)


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