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Bible Verse of the Day

Cheeky Bulats


I call him Mr Bulat and I call her Miss Bulat.

She absolutely adores him, and obeys his every word.

He loves her to bits, although sometimes he claims she makes him SO angry.

She copies whatever he does and follows whatever he says.

He holds her hand as they walk across the road, and he supervises her when she washes her hands.

They have their fun times, and their *naughty stool* times…but at the end of it all, they still hug each other and say sorry.

They are both generous with their kisses and hugs, tickles and giggles…and they¬†light up each others’ lives as they lit mine up each and every day.

I love them so…

They are God’s miracles.¬† And I am so thankful to be blessed with them.

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Both of them are also soo blessed to have you as their mummy…

    Joyce says: Awww…that’s sweet Chanel! Thanks! *hugs*



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