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Bible Verse of the Day

…and Hannah looks like…?

Been getting these, “Oooh, is that your girl?  She looks JUST like you!” and “When I look at Hannah, I see you immediately!  She looks exactly like you!” remarks rather often.  So I decided to do a little experiment.  We all know how a photo proves a lot:  see how Ethan resembled Daddy from way back when? (by the way, Ethan still looks like Pete now…like a *mini Pete*)

Anyway, you guys be the judge…

This is a picture of me when I was little:


Yes, I was a chubby lil one… 🙂  And here’s a recent picture of Hannah.  She is a little bit older than I was when my picture was taken though.


What do you think?  Does she take after moi? 🙂

And here’s another one of my “little girl” photos…


And one of Hannah taken 2 days ago, wearing her pair of Mary Janes.  She insisted she wanted me to take a photo of her, and she made sure I got the Mary Janes in the picture…


What’s the verdict then?  Is she every bit Mommy’s little girl? 🙂

I’d say she does look like me somewhat…but with a tinge of naughtiness and cheekiness which I am quite sure she inherited from Daddy!  What say you?

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    That’s just nice then… one like mommy and one like daddy! 🙂

    Joyce says: Hehe…yeah 🙂


  2. chanelwong’s avatar

    the top 2 photos…both of you really look alike especially the cheeky smile…

    Joyce says: I showed Hannah the first photo (of me in the pink dress) and asked her who it is, and she replied instantly, “Hannah!”


  3. littlelamb’s avatar

    if u ask me, u.


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Cookie cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Argentinadog’s avatar

    splitting mirror image! 😀


  6. Adino’s avatar

    Confirm, looks like you!



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