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Kungfu Panda Mania

Better put up this post while the show is still showing on the silver screen…hehe…


We went for Kungfu Panda 2 the 2nd day after its opening.  It was also the last day of school before the school holidays, and the best seats in the house were about 4 rows from the screen.

Not wanting to let the kids down, I bought the tickets anyway, and upon entering the cinema, we found that the seats weren’t too bad after all.  I mean, we didn’t need to strain our necks or anything, in fact it was rather comfy, cos ours was the first row before a group of rows which was nearer to the screen, hence we had a LOT of leg room!  We found out that the majority of the tickets in that cinema was booked by an international school for some of its students.

Anyway, we made sure this time that the popcorn lasted way longer than our previous experience with Rio. 🙂  Hannah was quite all right and was very excited every time she saw Po, the panda.  Halfway into the show, our little Hannah fell asleep in my arms, and we managed to watched the entire show without disruption.  Ethan of course, is an expert cinemagoer now and he enjoyed every bit of the show.  Even Mommy and Daddy enjoyed it (some parts tugged at the heart strings too…)

We enjoyed the show so much that last weekend, we decided to watch Kungfu Panda 1 at home, simply because we had not seen it, and we wanted to piece together the entire story.

If there is a Kungfu Panda 3, we’re definitely gonna watch it! 🙂

  1. slavemom’s avatar

    Wat a pleasant cinema experience with the kids. It’s worth going to the cinema if the kids actually enjoy the movie. I seldom bring mine coz they (esp ah boy) r there jes for the popcorn. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes indeed. Well, it has been a long time abstaining from cinemas for us, but now we get to go!…even if it is only for kids’ movies! 🙂



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