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Hannah at 28 months


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12.5 kilos.  (turns out my estimation of her weight had been wrong all this while, because when she went to visit the doctor recently, she was weighed in at 12.5 kilos only)


Around 86cm


Turns out I have been wrong all this time.. from the recent dental checkup, the dentist has counted that Hannah has only 15 teeth now (and not 17 teeth, as I’d thought): 4 incisors on the upper jaw,3 incisors bottom jaw.  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw.  4 pramolars.  4 more back pramolars have not made their appearance.

Motor Skills

  • Likes to pretend she is walking on a balance beam, be it at the side of the bed or on a self-constructed imaginary *beam* made of cards on the floor.
  • Still likes to jump on the trampoline.
  • Attempting to put on shoes by herself (and being rather stubborn about it)
  • Insists on buckling up by herself and shows her *strength* in doing so, by making a “tremendous effort” sound.  Favorite phrase: “Nooooo!!!  I can do myself!  Close the door, Mommy!”
  • Learning about textures and smells by sometimes grabbing hold of food and moulding with bare hands.  Gives me a headache, but I try to laugh it off as a process of learning.  SIGH.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah has started asking WHY.  “Why Ethan go school, Mommy?”  “Why we go home, Mommy?”
    Hannah (pointing to a dot on the crook of her elbow): What’s that, Mommy?
    Me: Oh, that’s a small dot from yesterday, when the nurse took a blood sample from your arm, remember?
    Hannah: But why Mommy?
    Me: So that she can test if you are all right.
    Hannah (makes pitiful face): Painful….

For the record, she did not cry a teeny bit when the blood sample was taken.  So proud of my girl!

  • She can use “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” pretty consistently now.
  • Says “Sorry” readily when she accidentally causes hurt.
  • She loves to hug her blankie to sleep.  It’s a lovely crochet one which was a gift to her when she was a newborn.  She’s had it ever since.
  • Hannah loves to role-play now.  She’ll pretend she’s cooking something for us, or that she’s serving us some food.
  • She adores her soft toys.  One of her current favorites is a little cuddly giraffe she names Isabella (name given by Ethan, but has stuck since).


  • Hannah can also be rather stubborn at times and demands her own ways.  We have had to introduce the “naughty stool” to her on a few occasions, and she has been able to apologize soon after that.
  • She can recognize most letters of the alphabet and most numbers now.  If she is not sure, she will ask, “What the that number, Mommy?”
  • Has a favorite color, which changes every day according to the color of her shirt/dress.  However, lately she has been telling me her favorite color is GREEN.  Because “Green means GO, Mommy!” 🙂 (her wonderful teacher Ethan has also taught her that “Red means STOP” and “Orange means Slow Down”)

Toilet Training

  • Hannah is about 85% toilet-trained for pooping now.  She is able to let me know when she needs to go poopoo, and can independently sit on the throne till she is done.

Food and Feeding

  • Still in the process of weaning completely from the breast at night.  There have been a few nights where she managed to fall asleep by herself (while hugging me) and also slept through the night without the need to wake up for a comfort suckle.
  • There are a few non-favorites foods of Hannah’s now, namely spring onions, onions, “brown stuff in food”.
  • One of her current favorites now are fish balls.
  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Yay Hannah! Growing up beautifully well! 🙂

    Hannah says: Thank you Allan Aku! 🙂



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