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Bible Verse of the Day

Crazy over Cars!


Ethan’s current craze is non other than Cars.  Oh yes, he has moved on from his Thomas & Friends craze…

I can’t really remember when it started but it could have started from the time he got his first Cars magazine.  He has been eagerly looking forward to every monthly issue since then and has amassed quite a number of magazines too.  On top of that, he has also won some prizes from some competitions in the Cars magazine and right now he is collecting the Cars stickers for the Cars Panini collection.


He also has a Cars calendar and some posters, plus a height chart, which he uses to measure his height frequently.


His favorite character from Cars is Lightning McQueen, and it’s no surprise that he has already made a special request for a birthday cake next year!  Not sure if his mind will change then, but we shall see…

So guess who’s eagerly counting down the days to the movie premiere of Cars 2 later this month? 🙂


  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    hahaha…it may have started during the joint birthday celebration with Collin last year..

    notice where Ethan’s eyes roll to in the 3rd pic…:-D

    Joyce says: Oh yeah…I hadn’t noticed that till you mentioned it! hehe…


  2. littlelamb’s avatar

    My son is crazy over cars too. He cant wait for the movie in Aug, so I downloaded it from the web. Nevertheless, I will still bring him to see on big screen.

    Joyce says: Oh yeah, nothing like watching it on the silver screen! 😀


  3. Patrick’s avatar

    should come over to my house so he can watch ” Mater’s Tall Tales” ( a short series based on Cars) …

    Joyce says: hmm yeah, today can ah? hehe… but dunno if he likes Mater though…



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