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Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!


A few days ago, I decided to inject a moment of surprising fun by taking the kids downstairs to the swimming pool area for a bubbly fun time!  Of course, I could only do that at that time because my Mom and Dad were here for a visit from Ipoh, and I knew they would also appreciate the session…plus there would be more hands to look after the 2 extra active kids! 😀

Ethan and Hannah took to it immediately, and it was a good thing I brought 2 separate bottles of bubble water, one for each of them.  Ethan had done it before at our swimming pool area, but it was a first for Hannah.

Ethan was a complete pro and managed to blow beautiful big bubbles in abundance and with tremendous ease.





Hannah, however, appeared to be using all her might and strength to  make bubbles.  She managed to, a few times, and we all laughed together at how funny she sometimes looked (and sounded).





Ah Ma and Ah Kong were the designated bubble bottle holders (and sometimes “demonstrators”) and the kids would then dip their bubble-making sticks into the bubble solution to make bubbles.

It was definitely a fun and enjoyable activity, which I am sure the kids will enjoy again and again and again.


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