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Bible Verse of the Day

Weighing the Importance


Lately I had been training and teaching Ethan to think and make decisions for himself.  The right decisions – that would lead to the right actions, which would in turn lead to independence.  I would ask him questions like, “What is more important, Ethan: watching TV or taking a shower?”  and he would cleverly reply, “Taking a shower!”

Me: What is more important: cleaning up your toys or playing on the computer?
Ethan: Cleaning up, Mommy!

And he would also form questions like this by himself.

One day, he asked Daddy..

Ethan: Daddy, Daddy…I wanna ask you a question.
Daddy: Yes, Ethan?
What is more important, Daddy: watching TV or taking your bath?
Daddy: Taking my bath..
Ethan: So next time, you need to bathe first and THEN watch football!! (grins happily)



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