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September 2011

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We took the kids to watch The Smurfs at the cinema last Friday, and boy, were they excited!  Hannah sat through the entire movie without getting restless or sleepy, and both kids happily sang the very distinct Smurfs tune together with the Smurfs in the show.

After the show, I explained to Ethan how the individual Smurfs got their respective names.

Me: Ethan, do you know that the Smurfs are all named after their individual character?  For example, Brainy Smurf is brainy, Clumsy Smurf is clumsy and Narrator Smurf loves to narrate a story.
Ethan: Oh, okay…and what about the girl Smurf: “Smur-fet-tee”? (He was reading and pronouncing Smurfette the way it was spelt)
Me: The girl Smurf’s name is pronounced as Smurf-fet, Ethan.
Ethan:  SMURF-fet.  (pauses) So that means she is FAT!



Yesterday, I decided to introduce paint-stamping to the kids, using vegetables.  Thanks to my friend’s blog, it had evoked many happy memories of my childhood.  I remember as a child, I used to bring lady’s fingers and lotus root to school for art projects and such, and I remember having a good time doing it.

So as I prepared the items, I explained to Ethan and Hannah how vegetables can look pretty too, and then I demonstrated how to make the paint.  It was actually edible paint, as I used corn syrup and dropped some food coloring into it.  The kids thought it was simply magical :)


They mixed the colors and made stamps of different colors, patterns and sizes.  They filled up that one piece of mahjong paper with so much color, you’d just had to smile.



And they were so pleased to show Daddy their masterpiece when he came home…it’s still on our balcony, by the way :)


We’re all used to hearing the Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe chant, albeit some in different versions from the rest.  Do you wanna know how my kids do it? :)

Here’s Ethan giving a demo:

And here’s Hannah proving yet again that the power of sibling influence is really strong… :)

Just for the record, here’s what they were saying:

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Catch a tiger by the toe
If it wiggles, let it go!
Mmm mmm mmm…Buffalo..
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE!


This is one of my favorite photos of Ethan with Daddy.  Every time I look at this picture, I am thankful for what a big heart my little man has and how much he has grown up way beyond his years.

At an age when most of his peers are so keen on fighting for their toys and always wanting to have their own way, my little boy has, in many instances, shown us that he understands and knows what are the more important things in life.

Just last week, when Daddy was playing with the kids, Daddy had wanted to hug Hannah, but Hannah playfully pushed Daddy away.  Daddy was sad and in jest, he mentioned that “Hannah is a naughty girl.”  This conversation then ensued.

Ethan: What, Daddy?  Why is Hannah naughty?
Daddy: Because she pushed Daddy.
Ethan: Oh…but you can forgive her, right?
Daddy: Oh yes, of course I can…

I am so proud of my boy that he can think of forgiveness in such a situation. Good job, Ethan! :)


When it’s time for their showers, my kids sometimes like to choose whom their “showerer” will be; whether it’s Daddy or Mommy.

I’ve finally figured out a surefire way in order to get Daddy to do the showering. :)

Here’s how…

I’ve trained them to say this to Daddy:

“Daddy, please shower for me today…because you are the BEST Daddy in the whole world!”

Cheesy, I know, but it works every time :)

Yesterday morning, I took Hannah to the Immigration Department in Weld Quay to get her passport done.  Well actually I’d taken her there the day before, but since we’d arrived a little late at about 11:00a.m., all the allocated numbers for the day had been given out.  The next day, we arrived at about 9:30a.m. and was promptly attended to. :)

Since we came back from the States about 2 years ago, we have not taken Hannah to get her passport done.  Good thing there was a priority lane for kids and senior citizens.  We submitted our application and I paid the RM150 in a jiffy, and we were done at 10:05a.m.  We were told to come back around 11:15a.m. to collect her passport, so Hannah and I went to the nearby food court to have our breakfast.


Mmmmm…nothing beats a yummy plate of wanton mee…


No baby chair meant she had to sit on stacked chairs:


Got her passport at about 11:30ish and were ready to go…yay!  She was a good girl throughout and apart from the slight restlessness while waiting, she did not complain much.

Huh, what’s that?  You wanna see her passport photo?


You would have remembered this darling video a while ago, where Ethan gave Hannah a very loving embrace, while saying “I love you, Hannah!”

It feels just like yesterday and as I look at it, I realize how quickly my kids are growing up! :)

Back to the video…Hannah recently reciprocated with this gesture, which is so déjà vu yet so adorable at the same time… :)  A perfect display of sisterly love!

Ain’t that precious? :)


Just to have a little bit of fun during the Lantern Festival night this year, I took the kids down to our condo’s swimming pool area for a night walk with their lanterns.  Both Ethan and Hannah received lanterns from Ah Ma from Ipoh, and these lanterns were battery-operated.  Ethan had insisted that I bring along and hold the paper lantern he had made in school too (pictured above), because that one required a tea light candle and he was afraid he would accidentally burn the lantern.


It was a just a very simple walk round the pool area, but despite that the kids enjoyed themselves.  I had expected more kids to be around but it was just us.


Stayed for a while in the area, enjoying the cool night air…up until Hannah started poking her whole leg in the water!


We’ll be back next time!  Could you see the joy on the kids’ faces even in the dim light? :)


What do you think Ethan’s doing?

He asked me for a piece of recycled paper, pencil and color pencils and he said he wanted to write a note.  This is what it said:


This evening, Hannah had a small accident in Queensbay Mall.  She tried to climb up the escalator as it was riding up and somehow tripped and grazed her shin.  Although Daddy was holding her hand, the cut was rather deep and there was slight bleeding.

Ethan was very worried about his sister and kept asking, “Is Hannah okay?” …and when Daddy cleaned up her wound at home, and Hannah didn’t cry much, Ethan commented that Hannah was so brave.

That was when he asked me for some paper to write her a note.

Ain’t he the best brother ever? :)


Scrap Credits
Gourmandise Collab Kit from Sekada Designs & Goldensun Designs
Child’s Life Kit’s elements from EloDesigns
Masks We Wear from Digital Freebies


13.1 kilos




Still 15 teeth: 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw.  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw.  4 pramolars.  4 more back pramolars have not made their appearance.

Motor Skills

  • Hannah can walk up and down the stairs by herself.  When she goes up the stairs, she sometimes alternates her feet as she climbs up.
  • Sometimes she can put on her pants and shoes by herself.
  • Hannah can draw a (rough) circle and a straight line; she loves to experiment and scribble with color pencils.

Communication and Social Skills

  • She is talking really well for her age, and expresses herself clearly.  “I don’t like that smell, Mommy!” or “Who’s that?” or “I wanna go to sleep!” or “Help me to wash my hands, Mommy!”
  • She is showing a keen interest in playing with other kids, but sometimes is not willing to share yet.
  • She can wash and dry her hands on her own.
  • Loves to brush her teeth on her own, but I will also follow up by brushing for her too.
  • She is obsessed with colors and numbers and keeps on asking me what color is this and that and where is this and that number.
  • She’s learning some new shapes this month!  For example, she has learnt the hexagon and trapezoid :)
  • She can sing a lot of songs and sometimes will insist on singing them on her own.  The rate at which she picks up new songs amazes me!

Toilet Training

  • I’ve started a simple chart to record her potty training progress.  There are still some accidents but we’re getting there..

Food and Feeding

  • Hannah is showing a keen interest on wanton mee now.  She loves eating it and even devours the wantons with glee.
  • Drinks fresh milk and UHT chocolate and strawberry milk.
  • Loves jelly and all types of fruits.

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