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A Simple Caring Gesture


What do you think Ethan’s doing?

He asked me for a piece of recycled paper, pencil and color pencils and he said he wanted to write a note.  This is what it said:


This evening, Hannah had a small accident in Queensbay Mall.  She tried to climb up the escalator as it was riding up and somehow tripped and grazed her shin.  Although Daddy was holding her hand, the cut was rather deep and there was slight bleeding.

Ethan was very worried about his sister and kept asking, “Is Hannah okay?” …and when Daddy cleaned up her wound at home, and Hannah didn’t cry much, Ethan commented that Hannah was so brave.

That was when he asked me for some paper to write her a note.

Ain’t he the best brother ever? 🙂

  1. Joey’s avatar

    This note is priceless! I’m sure Hannah will treasure this in years to come…I would if my brother were to write me such a sweet note. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yep, you can say that again…speaking of which, I’d better save it for her. 🙂


  2. Pei Gee’s avatar

    I am so touched. That is so sweet!. I hope Hannah recovers fast too.

    Joyce says: So was I 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes – her wound is getting better.



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