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Behold, a Masterpiece!


Yesterday, I decided to introduce paint-stamping to the kids, using vegetables.  Thanks to my friend’s blog, it had evoked many happy memories of my childhood.  I remember as a child, I used to bring lady’s fingers and lotus root to school for art projects and such, and I remember having a good time doing it.

So as I prepared the items, I explained to Ethan and Hannah how vegetables can look pretty too, and then I demonstrated how to make the paint.  It was actually edible paint, as I used corn syrup and dropped some food coloring into it.  The kids thought it was simply magical 🙂


They mixed the colors and made stamps of different colors, patterns and sizes.  They filled up that one piece of mahjong paper with so much color, you’d just had to smile.



And they were so pleased to show Daddy their masterpiece when he came home…it’s still on our balcony, by the way 🙂

  1. Evelyn’s avatar


    Thanks for this blogpost! I was looking around for safe finger paint for my baby and the search led me to your blog 🙂

    May I ask, does your recipe allow the art pieces to be kept? Or do I have to throw it away otherwise ants would come, etc?


    Joyce says: Hi Evelyn, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment 🙂 Through my experience, the edible paint I used with this recipe does not really dry. In fact, not at all! I don’t know if it attracts ants though, but the paint is still *drippy* after 2 days! I’ve never kept my kids’ art pieces using this paint though, but if you do find out how to dry it properly, I’m all ears 🙂



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