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November 2011

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Today marks the completion of a 6-day antibiotic course for Hannah.  She had been taking Cefaclor, a yellowish liquid form of antibiotics, which I suspect tastes a little lemony.

Prior to her antibiotic course, I was in great distress last week when Hannah suddenly developed extremely high fever.  On Monday morning, she woke up with a low-grade fever of 37.5ºC, which shot up to 39.9ºC at lunch time.  We brought the fever down with some PCM, but it went up again at dinnertime, and I decided to give her Bufren.  At that time, her fever was 40.1ºC, and I was going out of my mind.

I tried to remain as calm as I could, and called the doctor, who said we could continue sponging and monitoring her condition first.  The hospital’s pediatrician on duty was not Hannah’s usual doctor, and I preferred to wait till morning.  It was a very worrying situation because at that time, Pete was away on a business trip overseas, but thankfully his parents were staying with us.  Another worrying factor was that besides the immensely high fever, there were no other symptoms like sore throat, cough, earache…

Anyway, we got through the night and I brought her to the doctor early the next morning.  Her fever was registered at 39+ºC at the clinic, and after she was given a dose of PCM, we were sent to the pediatric ward immediately for sponging.

Although we did some sponging of our own at home, I learnt the correct method of sponging a child, and here are some pointers to note:

  • Strip child completely, but diapers and undies can be left on.
  • Using lukewarm/tepid water (NOT cold, NOT warm), wet some towels and when slightly dripping place towels on child’s body.  I used traditional nappies to sponge at home, because I find that they are lightweight enough, yet can hold sufficient water for the purpose.
  • Leave the towels on the child for some time, and repeat where necessary.
  • Wipe dry when sponging is completed.
  • Temperature should drop about 10-15 minutes after sponging.

Because of her high fever (and no other symptoms), Hannah had to take a blood test to rule out dengue.  We went home after that, but because her fever was still high, I gave her another dose of Bufren (Bufren is not to be administered if a patient is suffering from dengue).  She didn’t mind the Bufren because it was orange-flavored.

Bufren brought her fever down somewhat, and when I called the doc for her blood test results, it was negative for dengue (thank God), so that only meant and indicated that Hannah was suffering from a bacterial (and NOT viral) fever and infection, which meant she needed a course of antibiotics.

Because she was in a lot of pain and suffering, I had to sometimes overlap her dosage of PCM and Bufren (yes, I had also just learnt that we can do that if necessary), and continued with sponging whenever she allowed me to.

After a dose of the Cefaclor antibiotics, her fever subsided to around 38+ºC and throughout that night, I made sure it did not go above 38.2ºC.  In the morning, Hannah woke up with a smile and when I took her temperature, it was 36.9ºC ! :)

“I don’t have fever anymore, Mommy?” she asked.

No you don’t, baby…and I am so glad to have you back to your usual cheerful, cheeky and adorable self.  Her appetite is improving now and I’m so very pleased.

When I heard that the Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival (PINKS) was coming back to Penang for the second time, I was undecided about bringing the kids there.  Last year, they had it at Youth Park and it was scorching hot, even under those tents equipped with strong-blowing fans.  But this year, they changed the venue to Straits Quay, and since my Mom expressed her interest in checking out the festival, we decided to bring the kids there.


The kids had been looking forward to this event and were very excited when we finally arrived.  Got slightly delayed due to the heavy traffic.

We only managed to arrive in the evening, close to the end of the program, but we were still in time to witness Jeeva Ragunath (from India) entertaining the audience with storytelling, song and dance.


The Christmas decorations at Straits Quay were already up, and my “models”, as usual, were ever ready to pose. :)


We had a simple dinner at Secret Recipe and were just about to leave Straits Quay for home when we heard a very mesmerizing rhythmic beat coming from the foyer near the sea.  Turned out it was a group of talented performers from The Performing Arts Center of Penang (PenangPAC), making rhythm and sounds using drums, tambourines and other percussion instruments in a Drum Circle.  Ethan and Hannah started dancing to the beat, and some of the musicians started asking some of the kids to join in with the musical instruments.  Ethan and Hannah were not excluded. :)


Ethan got to play with some rhythm sticks, and Hannah played a triangle.  They enjoyed themselves so much and could be seen shaking their booty along to the rhythm.  They even sat in the circle together with the rest of the players.

At the end of it all, it was all in great fun and the kids were tired but definitely happy.

No wonder they’re both knocked out now!

hannah_32monthsScrap Credits

Natural Freshness Kit from Manue Designs
Boys & Girls Corner Alphas from
Nathan Design
It’s Only Natural Alphas from Scrappy Bug


13.5 kilos


92cm (she has grown!!)


I just noticed that her 4 back pramolars have begun to emerge.  So she’s going to get 19 teeth soon.  Right now, she has 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw;  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw;  4 pramolars and 4 more back pramolars are making their appearance slowly but surely.  This would explain the bout of “nightmarish screamings”.

Developmental Milestones

  • Hannah is learning very quickly, judging by the amount of questions she asks all the time.  She asks Why, Who, What, Where, How endlessly and is fast becoming a chatterbox.  She is always fighting for “talk time” with her brother.
  • She takes pride in her achievements, however big or small they are.  If she discovers a particular pose (e.g. stand on one leg while lifting both hands up), she would do it and proudly and loudly proclaim, “See, I can do this!”
  • Hannah is showing a certain degree of shyness with people she is not familiar with or people whom she chooses to be shy with.  If she doesn’t want to verbally say hi, she would be contented just to wave.
  • Stubbornness is beginning to show and she has exhibited instances where she adamantly wants to get her own way.
  • Loves (jigsaw) puzzles and can occupy herself doing it.
  • Loves to point out little girls who “look like her” in videos she watches.  She’ll ask us, “Which one is like me, Mommy?”
  • Curious and inquisitive.  When I take her around, she’ll almost always ask, “Where are we going now, Mommy?” or “Where are we going first, Mommy?”, followed by “Then?” :)

Toilet Training

Very keen on peepeeing and poopooing in the toilet, even when we are not at home.  I need to get her those trainers soon so that she can utilize them properly when we are outside.

As soon as we come home from anywhere at all, she has a habit of going to the toilet and putting her kiddy toilet seat on the toilet bowl, and then she will carry the step stool by herself next to the toilet bowl and climb on it by herself.

Food and Feeding

Still very much a food lover and is not choosy when it comes to food.


Ethan and Hannah love it when their “Ipoh Ah Ma” comes to visit.  She’s a fantastic storyteller, a great singer and sometimes even a budding *magician*!

But one of the rare highlights of her visits, at least for Ethan, would have to be Ah Ma’s cellphone.  It’s not a fancy-schmancy cellphone, but what intrigues Ethan about it is the fact that the alarm on Ah Ma’s cellphone TALKS!

Every night, Ethan would request that Ah Ma set the alarm on her cellphone to a certain time, say for example 7:17a.m. And the next morning, Ethan would be awoken by the alarm saying: “It’s time to wake up, it’s 7:17a.m.” repeatedly.  If he wakes up before the alarm goes off, he would stay in bed and eagerly wait for the alarm to *wake* him up.

Ain’t that cool?

I’m always amazed at the amount of energy my kids have day in and day out, and even at home where space is kinda limited, they can find some activity to indulge in.  Whether it is building an imaginary house on the bed or running their own little restaurant, I love to watch their antics and know that they are having fun.

Recently Ethan asked me to bring their Veggie Tales audio CD from my car back to our home, because he and Hannah wanted to dance to it…oh, and did I mention that Hannah also tried singing to the songs?