Bible Verse of the Day

Oh How My Babies Have Grown!

They won’t let me call them “Baby” anymore, but I still do..sometimes.


Today both Ethan and Hannah got ready to go to school.  Ethan is in Kindergarten 2 this year and Hannah is starting off in Playgroup level.  They had both been looking forward to this day for months, and Ethan had been planning with his sister on how she should wait for him after dismissal, how he would hold her hand and take her to her class, etc.  The night before, Ethan was too excited to fall asleep, and I believe he only slept at around midnight.

It was a miracle we managed to get ready and left the house at about 8:15a.m. this morning.


Then again, miracles happen when kids cooperate, wouldn’t you agree?


So anyway, we arrived in school and we found out the kids’ new class names.  Ethan very independently walked up the stairs to his new K2 class and started playing with his friends again.

As for Hannah, since it is her first time in school, there is an orientation program that lasts till the end of next week, where the parent is allowed to accompany the child in class to sort of ease the process of being in school, away from the parent.  This is a very important step to alleviate separation anxiety where possible, and during this period, Hannah’s class will only run for 2 hours a day.

Well, she seemed okay today, and was willing to sit on her own listening to stories and doing her art and crafts.  She was also very happy and enjoyed herself while playing in the playground.  Of course, it certainly helped that she had already been going to this same school for her once-a-week parent-toddler class the previous year and her teacher was the same one she had.

Lunch, consisting of meesuah soup, was served at about 11:30a.m., and Hannah readily finished the entire bowl.  Afterward she even had a few slices of apples.



After her class had dismissed, we waited a few minutes for Ethan’s class to end and went for lunch.

In the late afternoon, Hannah fell asleep and took a very LONG afternoon nap.  Must have been tired from all that running around in school!


Another day beckons tomorrow! 😀


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