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Hannah at 34 months


Scrap Credits
May Morn kit from Carjazi Designs
Stamp Cluster 7 from Lindsay Jane Designs
Romance elements from Valentina’s Creations


14 kilos (it was 14.3 kilos at the doc’s on Feb 1st)


About 91 cm


19 teeth, or almost there… Right now, she has 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw;  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw;  4 pramolars and 4 more back pramolars are making their appearance slowly but surely.

Developmental Milestones

  • Can go to sleep on her own at times, but still wakes up at night crying sometimes.  She’ll only want Mommy then.  These few nights she has also been screaming a lot at night.  Hopefully it’s just a phase and will end soon.
  • Her favorite position to fall asleep in is with my hand under her body and the other hugging her.  She won’t hesitate to ask “I want someone to hug me”, or she’ll even instruct me to “Sleep straight, Mommy” and then she will position my hands 😛
  • Loves going to school and will proudly tell us all her friends’ names and also that she knows her brothers’ friends’ names.  She’ll also tell us what she did in school, and what she ate in school.  And she’ll boast that she’s a “big girl”.

Toilet Training

Toilet training has seen a vast improvement in the recent weeks.  She wears pull-ups when she is in school, which makes her feel like a “big girl”.  And now she will tell us when she needs to go pee pee.  When we are out, she’ll tell me, “Mommy, I need to go pee pee.  I’m wearing pull-ups so I can go.  I can hold, Mommy.”

I’ve told her that if she can keep her pull-ups dry, I’ll let her wear panties 🙂

Food and Feeding

Very adventurous in her food, and will try almost anything, as long as it’s not *spicy* 😛


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