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Hannah at 35 months

hannah_35monthsScrap Credits
My Sweet Love kit from Lady Papillon Design


Should be about 14.3 kilos, at least.


About 91 cm


19 teeth, or almost there… Right now, she has 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 incisors bottom jaw;  2 canines upper jaw, 2 canines bottom jaw;  4 pramolars and 4 more back pramolars are making their appearance slowly but surely.

She can more or less brush her own teeth now, including squeezing the toothpaste onto her toothbrush, gargling and spitting, however, I still brush for her after that.  Because of the good example shown by her brother, Hannah brushes her teeth twice daily: morning and night 🙂

Developmental Milestones

  • Getting more and more talkative by the day.  She would report to me who came to school and who did not, who is sick and who is not sick anymore because he/she came back to school today.  She would tell me whom she played hide-and-seek with in school, etc.  She’ll tell me the names of her friends and will tell me the name of Ethan’s friends too!  She’ll tell me who cried in school, who did not…and what her teacher did.
  • Hannah is also picking up some Chinese songs in school, because of the bi-lingual medium of instruction used.  And her songs ALWAYS come with actions 🙂
  • She’s very expressive too. “Mommy, mmmm….you smell good!!”
  • Without my realizing it, Hannah has started picking up how to form letters.  She proudly showed me she could write H, A and N a few days ago, and she would willingly write her name.  Well, sometimes the N is written the wrong way, but you’d have to agree with me it’s a good attempt! ..And all this without me even prodding or training her!


  • Recently learnt how to play on a tire swing!



  • Like her brother, Hannah loves for people to read stories to her.  She would select her own book of choice and ask you to read to her.

Toilet Training

Hannah’s toilet training has been getting better and better every day.  Sometimes I don’t even let her wear pull-ups, and she will wear either the cloth trainer pants or her panties.  Her teachers in school do the same and she has had close to zero accidents.

One time, we were out having lunch after school and she said she needed to go peepee.  I told her that there was no toilet around (actually the toilet was very far away), and I told her it’s okay just for this time to go in her pull-ups.  But then she replied, “But I’m not wearing pull-ups Mommy!”

She will tell us she needs to “peepee” or “poopoo” and almost all the time, there will be results 🙂

Food and Feeding

Appetite is good, but the only thing she needs to work on is to eat more greens!


  • I just started her on using shampoo and conditioner recently, because I’d noticed many split ends in her fine hair.  So I changed from her regular Sebamed brand to Buds’, complete with conditioning treatment now.  And her hair smells heavenly!!


  1. Joey’s avatar

    How do you actually count her teeth? E wouldn’t even let me open his mouth without chomping on my finger 🙂

    Joyce says: I did it in stages…I would ask her to open up and she would do so for all of 3 secs…I would count the incisors. Then next time, count the canines, and then maybe left side molars…etc. Tedious though…but Ethan opens up and lets me count them all at one go! 😀



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