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Down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

It started with normal flu-like symptoms and then just 2 nights ago, Hannah had a fever of up to 38.6ºC.  Her fever subsided after 2 doses of fever medicine over that night and in the morning and we thought it was all going to get better soon.

Then suddenly Hannah complained of pain in her mouth, and to my horror, I discovered an ulcer just behind her lower lip.  Thinking (and hoping) it was just a one-off, I advised her to drink lots of water.

Unfortunately that evening, I checked her mouth again, and discovered more whitish spots, on her tongue and at the back of her throat.  She was very irritable and it was a good thing I still had some Daktarin Oral Gel, so I applied that to her mouth and it gave her some comfort.

Another disturbing finding was that I noticed some isolated red spots on her palms, and while she didn’t complain much, I knew I had to take her to the doctor’s the next day.

So this morning, the doctor confirmed my worst fears.  Hannah was down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).  He prescribed the same oral gel to be applied, some Vitamin C, antihistamine and a diluted Potassium Permanganate bath soaking solution for the lesions.

She’s very irritable now and can hardly eat anything, let alone drink much.  Tried ice cream just now, but she screamed out in pain, poor girl.


Thankfully, she finished the lollipop from the doctor and a little bit of Old Town roti bakar.  Still, she cries and whines ever so often now, it’s so unlike her.

…but still can give a cheeky pose like this…


Here’s a sneak of the spots on her hands:


So she needs to steer clear of school for the next few days, and Ethan will need to be monitored closely as well, since incubation period is about a week.  I have given Ethan strict orders not to kiss Hannah or share utensils with her.

Adults can contract this virus too, but the majority of them would act only as carriers, without displaying any symptoms.  We’re praying it won’t get any more serious than this!

Get well soon, baby!

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    Get well soon…
    JL got it before,he couldn’t eat n walk..

    Joyce says: Thanks Chanel. And what did you do to ease his pain?


  2. Juju’s avatar

    Sorry to hear about this. Get well soon…..

    Joyce says: Thanks for your well wishes, Juju.


  3. mery’s avatar

    Get well soon, Hannah.

    Joyce says: Thank you!


  4. SuperMom’s avatar

    Oh, dear, I do hate HFM coz the boy got it just as bad when he was 4.

    Give her pureed porridge / veggies (remember baby food when they started solids?), yogurt drinks and 100% fruit juice ice lollies.

    Cool them down before feeding as the ulcers hurt like crazy. The vitamin C and nutrition in all these foods helped my boy get better in 3-4 days.

    You may also want to prepare “cooling” drinks e.g. barley, chrysanthemum and avoid the drier, heaty foods e.g. roti bakar! because kids suffering from HFM are very, very heaty.

    Take care and hope Hannah gets well soon!

    Joyce says: Thanks dear! Well, you know…I was just so desperate to get some food into her, hence whatever works…even softened roti bakar 🙂 But thanks for the suggestions and heads up. 🙂


  5. Chong Boo’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing. It’s of a great value to all parents. Lord Jesus, I pray for your healing upon Hannah that you will heal her from HFMD completely and you will cause her to be able to eat and drink normally again. Amen.

    Joyce says: Thank you for your prayers Chong Boo.



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