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Things Kids Say: Reason


Hannah has a habit of biting on straws when she drinks from them.  Obviously the straw will become flat and eventually she won’t be able to drink from it anymore.

This conversation took place just now when I was helping her “unflatten” her straw from her Vitagen drink.

“Mommy, I cannot drink from the straw…”
“Here, let me help you…now Hannah, you need to remember to try not to bite on the straw when you drink, okay?”
“..otherwise the straw will go flat and you won’t be able to drink from it anymore…”
“But Mommy…I cannot!  My teeth are in the way!”

Priceless reasoning?  You bet. 😀

**By the way, I have no idea where she learnt how to pose like that.  She just wanted a picture with Ronald McDonald and came up with it herself!***


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