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Bible Verse of the Day

Time to “Be Prepared”

It’s inevitable. We all know it is.

It’s merely a matter of when.
And Ethan is as excited as ever…for whatever reason, I have absolutely no clue.
He has, on occasion, in an ecstatic manner, announced, “Mommy, I think my tooth is wiggling! Come check and see!”

Of course, they have all been false alarm after false alarm.  But we know the day will come when we will see a fallen tooth.

And it could be any day now.  Or week….. or month.


To prepare ourselves for that momentous occasion, I decided to get a Tooth Fairy Pouch ready for him.  Ethan knows all about the “Tooth Fairy” (although he did ask rather skeptically, “Mommy, how will the Tooth Fairy know where to get the tooth?”)

Anyways, it’s all for fun…and my googling led me to a site that provided instructions on how to make/sew my own tooth fairy pouch!  Very very cool.  Hey, I only had a small plastic box when I was a little girl, ya know…


It was also something Ethan could relate to at some level, because he told me a classmate of his brings a tooth pouch to school in case her tooth dropped in school.

I got this done in about an hour (including kid interruption time) and well, now we are *prepared* 🙂


  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    So cute! Nicely done! <3

    Joyce says: Thanks bro!


  2. Chloe'sMummy’s avatar

    The pouch is too cute! Chloe lost 2 of her lower front incisors recently and I just kept them in a mini jam jar.

    Joyce says: Thanks! Did you put the jam jar under her pillow?


  3. Joey’s avatar

    I also want one! For my wisdom tooth 😀

    Joyce says: LOL! You do know the Tooth Fairy might not come, right?



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