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Day 5 Singapore Getaway: Universal Studios Singapore!

Last installment of our Singapore Getaway posts… 🙂

Our 5th day was spent entirely in Universal Studios Singapore.  We already had our electronic tickets ready with us, so it was just a matter of waking up early, having breakfast at the hotel and then gearing up for our exciting day.

We were all overwhelmed by all the different things to do once we got in.  In many ways, Universal Studios Singapore was similar to Universal Studios Hollywood, but the jarring difference was the heat!  The kids didn’t seem to mind though…

They had fun on the Madagascar Carousel…



We watched the cast of Madagascar do the “Move it Move it” in the Madagascar Boogie, and of course, the obligatory photo session…




At the roller coaster ride: this ain’t the look of fear…au contraire, excitement was more like it!


Hannah didn’t want to go on Shrek’s miniature ferris wheel (Magic Potion Spin), so it was just Ethan and Mommy…can you spot us?


Hannah preferred to pose for the camera while waiting for us…


Happy kids ready for what’s coming up next!!


Lunch time at Discover Food Court, located in The Lost World section of Universal Studios Singapore:



A family pose after a scrumptious lunch…not entirely a good idea (taking a photo right after our meals, I mean)…luckily Hannah is hiding part of my full tummy! Hahaha…


I wanted to prove to Ethan that it’s completely safe to sit on the BIG *dinosaur* eggs…


And noooo…I did NOT get myself wet! 🙂

“Look how big the dinosaur’s feet are!”


This could very well be the most adorable “little dinosaur” to ever hatch out of an egg!


Next up…one of the performance attractions I personally was looking forward to.  Pete and I had watched it when we were in Universal Studios Hollywood, and I knew Ethan (especially) would enjoy it.


I actually prefer the Universal Studios production compared to the one on the silver screen.  And yes, I was the one who instigated Ethan to sit in the Splash Zone during the Waterworld performance.

Ethan was very sporting and laughed when we got sprinkled and splashed with water…and believe me, it happened a LOT of times before, during and after the performance.


His sister, though, was not as *brave*…


Picture taken with the crew from Waterworld:


Moving on, we went on some rides, and Hannah was delighted to go on Dino-Soarin’, where she could control the height of her “pterodactyl”.


In fact Hannah and Mommy went on this ride several times, while we waited for the boys to complete their Canopy Flyer ride.  Hannah was way below the minimum height requirement for the Canopy Flyer, so it was just Daddy and Ethan for that one.

We went on the Treasure Hunters vintage car ride in the Ancient Egypt section of the theme park, where Daddy took this beautiful picture:


By this time, we were all quite tired, especially since Hannah frequently went into her “carry” modes…like so:


Here are the kids posing with the Ancient Egypt background (from The Mummy Returns):



Our next stop was at Sci-Fi City, where the kids (Ethan especially) was very intrigued by the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters.  These attractions even came with “testing stations” right outside the entrance, to allow people to see if they were too small (or too big) to fit into those bucket seats.



Oh yeah…nice try, guys…these will have to wait till you’re tall enough.  I think Ethan is about 10cm shy of the minimum height requirement and he’s doing his best to attain that.

Instead we went on the Accelerator Teacups ride instead.


Hannah waiting patiently for us as we took turns to take Ethan on Transformers: The Ride.  Poor little princess was not tall enough to go on the ride yet.


Ethan experienced the ride two times, once each with Daddy and Mommy, and he enjoyed every moment of it. 🙂

More pictures from a memorable and enjoyable day at Universal Studios Singapore, as we got ready to call it a day.






We were on time to catch the awesome Christmas performance leading up to the lighting of the Christmas tree, just as evening turned to night.


…and on the way out, the kids continued with their photo-taking with some lovable characters.



We bade farewell to Universal Studios, but since the night was still young, we hung out outdoors near the gigantic Christmas tree in Sentosa.

We’re glad we did, because the kids were treated to some faux snow falling down everywhere!


Then we got ourselves some popcorn and headed to the Waterfront, and sat on the steps to watch the Crane Show/Dance performance, a beautiful light and water effects performance presented by two mechanical cranes, and accompanied by music that can be heard throughout the entire Waterfront.




Although Hannah fell asleep in my arms during the Crane Show, she was wide awake when we reached the hotel after that.  The kids took their showers and got ready for bed.


Thus ended a fulfilling and memorable day indeed for us all. 🙂


Okay, this is the last post on our recent but not-too-recent Singapore trip last December.  We left on Day 6, but it was basically a very rushed morning on Day 6, with no photos to show, hence no post…our flight was at 1:30p.m. I think, so we had to check out earlier than usual from the hotel, after a quick breakfast and pack-up.  Then we headed for the airport, just in time to get our boarding passes and head home.

We really enjoyed ourselves and hope we will be able to make a trip there again! This time, I’m sure Ethan would want to ride on ALL the rollercoasters! (Hannah, too, of course!)


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