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Little Pooh Bear’s Adventure with Ethan

It has come the time for Ethan and his classmates to embark on an exciting adventure with Little Pooh Bear in a very interesting project called Little Pooh Bear’s Adventure.  In this group project, each child would bring home a soft toy, Little Pooh Bear, on Friday. The child concerned would then treat Little Pooh Bear as his/her guest in their homes and bring him around just like how we would treat a guest.  The child would write about Little Pooh Bear’s adventures when he is with him/her and record it in a journal, which will be returned to school together with Pooh Bear the following Wednesday.

So last Friday, Ethan had the honor of hosting Little Pooh Bear at our home, and he was ever so excited!  He took him everywhere he went, and asked me to snap pictures of whatever they were doing or eating, and then he would diligently write down what happened in the journal.  At the same time, he would keep on reminding me to go print the photos for him to stick in his journal.

Sound like blogging, much? 🙂  Perhaps I will have a chat with Ethan on whether he would like to have a blog of his own soon. 🙂

Here’s Ethan reading his story of his adventure with Pooh Bear:


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