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Bible Verse of the Day

Mastering Chopsticks

Whenever I serve noodles or koay teow at home, Hannah will request to eat with a pair of chopsticks.  We only have one pair of training chopsticks though, so sometimes she needs to compromise with her brother; but thank goodness her brother is usually very accommodating, and she gets to train with the chopsticks.

I’ll have to say Hannah is doing pretty well for a three-year-old!  She can finish her bowl of koay teow by using that pair of chopsticks.

First, grab some koay teow with the chopsticks:

Then, place carefully onto spoon…careful there with the coordination ;P …

Lastly, the easiest part: place spoonful of koay teow into mouth!

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Well done, Hannah!! 😀

    Hannah says: Thank you, AKU 🙂 I have a good mentor here:)



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