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My Pretty Dolly Surprise!

Last Friday, Mommy told me there was a surprise waiting for me at home.  I asked her to tell me what it was, but she wouldn’t, so I had to wait till I got home.

I saw a large rectangular parcel wrapped up by my table and eagerly tore open the wrapper.  I gasped as I saw what was wrapped inside.  It was that Barbie Dress-Up Set that Mommy told me she had recently won in a contest!

Hehe…it was finally HERE!  I had been bugging Mommy for it every day since she told me, and now I can’t believe I am seeing it in real life!

Look at the dresses, shoes, handbags and hairband this set came with!  Wheeee!!  I immediately asked Mommy to help me remove each and every item in that set.  Mommy said it’s for me to play dressing up Barbie with.  I brought out my other Barbie doll (which had only one dress then), and then I started dressing both my Barbies up!

Yes, you can definitely tell that I was over the moon!  I kept telling Mommy, “Wow…I’m SOOOOOOO happy, Mommy!”

Mommy says she’s gonna get me a box to put all my Barbie stuff in, so they don’t get lost.  Look how pretty they are! 😀

  1. zmm’s avatar

    Wow.. look at the happy face!

    Her dresses are different from ours.

    Hannah, can share or not?

    Joyce says: Yeah, I asked the sponsors and they said this is the Phase 2 set. It has only 3 pairs of shoes though. Of course, can share… 🙂



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