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Bible Verse of the Day

Dragons and Princesses

Ethan was telling me about his playground sessions in school.

Ethan: Mommy, today we went to the playground again.
Me: You did? What did you play today?
Ethan: Oh the same thing…Dragons!
Me: Did you play only with the boys or both boys and girls?
Ethan: Only with the boys, Mommy.
Me: Oh why?
Ethan: Oh because the girls don’t like playing Dragons.  The girls wanna play *PRINCESS*. (He did the high pitch kinda tone when he said the word *PRINCESS*)
Me: (laughing) Oh really?  But don’t some of the boys act as Princes to save the Princess from the Dragon?
Ethan: Nooooooo….all the boys are DRAGONS.  And we chase all the princesses away!


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