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Kids and Pregnancy

Hannah: Mommy, Daddy is not pregnant, right?

Me: No, he is not.

Hannah: Only you are pregnant, right?  Daddy, Ethan and Hannah are NOT pregnant.

Me: That’s right.

Ethan (in his usual big brother “I know more than you” style): Hannah, only girls can get pregnant, NOT boys.

Hannah: Oh.

Ethan: And do you know why?

Hannah: No, Ethan. Why?

Ethan: Because…you know, a baby will come out from the tummy from the private.  And only girls’ private is big enough for the baby to come out from.  In boys, the hole in the private is too small!

Hannah: Oh.

Ethan: Hannah, do you know why you cannot get pregnant now?

Hannah (thinking): No, Ethan.  Why?

Ethan: Because….you are still a small girl, and not an adult.  Your private is too small and the baby cannot come out from there yet.  A baby can only come out from an adult’s private!

Ethan has been constantly reading my favorite book in conception and pregnancy by Dr Miriam Stoppard, and has been learning a whole lot of stuff about babies and pregnancy. 🙂

(N.B: By the way, my kids know the correct term for male and female genitalia: i.e. penis and vagina, although they also use the term “private” to refer to them interchangeably)

  1. Tine’s avatar

    Haha Ethan is GOLD!! 😀

    Joyce says: Ah yes, it’s simple kids’ logic, right? 🙂


  2. michelle’s avatar

    And are you pregnant? Just curious….:D

    Joyce says: Yes, Michelle, I most certainly am! In fact, I’ve already announced it in my personal blog several days ago.


  3. slavemom’s avatar

    Very well-explained, Ethan. Good job! And Congrats to u, Joyce! Glad to hear ur appetite’s better now. The kids must be so excited to have another bb sis/bro. 🙂

    Joyce says: Yes, thank you! And yes, they are both very excited indeed!


  4. chanelwong’s avatar

    Congrats to you Joyce… I am so outdated…
    Ethan did a very good job explaining to Hannah..well done Ethan….

    Joyce says: Don’t worry about it, Chanel. I just made the announcement last week anyway.


  5. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Thanks Ethan for the bite-sized explanation! 😀

    Joyce says: Going back to basics 🙂



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