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Bible Verse of the Day

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Months of intense practising, which started at the end of January this year, and afternoon stayback sessions in school, which had me ferrying him to and from school, and countless times of Ethan telling us, “It’s gonna be a surprise!  I’m not gonna tell you what will happen!” when I asked him specific questions about his role, has culminated in an afternoon of sheer enjoyment when we witnessed our little man perform in his inaugural K2 concert at Dewan Budaya in USM last Sunday.

Unlike most school concerts which had sporadic skits and items performed by the kids, it was the tradition of Ethan’s school to hold a full-fledged concert akin to a school play.  It was a tri-lingual concert, and in the months leading up to the concert day, at times Ethan would be intently practising his lines, be it singing or speaking.  He had speaking lines in Chinese and Bahasa too, and they even had recording sessions for the kids prior to the concert, just like a professional recording studio.

Oh yes, it was a MAJOR affair.  And our Ethan was truly truly excited.

In addition, he was playing a few roles too, as were his classmates; one of his roles was that of the Sultan, whom Princess Scheherazade would tell her stories to, for a thousand and one nights.

Yes, that was the title of their concert this year: Scheherazade – Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Unlike last year when Ethan only had one dance scene in his school annual concert, since he was in K1 at that time; this year, as he is in K2, he had speaking, singing and dancing roles.

Here are a few photos taken during the concert.  Photography and videography were prohibited during the concert proper, in order to ensure a smooth production without any disruption, so some of my photos were nicked from the official photographer’s stash 🙂

Pre-concert photo taking session, while waiting for the show to begin...

It’s Finally Showtime!!

Here’s Ethan playing the role as the Sultan…love the elaborate costumes and headgear!

Ethan resting at his “throne” 🙂

Ethan playing the role of Chamber Guard/Egg Merchant in the Persian Market scene..

Ethan as the Emperor, Princess Jasmine’s father, in the story Aladdin…

…and finally, as one of the Legged Fish in the story The Prince and The Stone King…

The Finale…

It was definitely an enjoyable afternoon for all, including my Mom, who specially made the trip to Penang to watch Ethan’s concert.  Thanks for making it merrier, Ah Ma! 😀

And also, it was a fantastic way for me to spend my birthday…I’m so very proud of my little boy, all grown up… love you tons, Ethan!

Now I can hardly wait to get the official DVD so that we can relive the entire experience again! 🙂

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Wow. Love the costumes. Ethan looks great.

    Joyce says: Yep…I’m contemplating having a Dress-Up Corner in my home to hang the costumes on!



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