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How We Built a Snowman – Part 2 of 2

After our “snowhill but no snowman” incident the other day, the kids had been pestering us to take them snowman-building again.

“Mommy, is the snow wet enough today to build a snowman?”

“Can we PLEASE go and build a snowman today?  I don’t mind building it in the dark!”

So on New Year’s Day morning, we promised the kids we would get our snowman built provided they got up early enough and that it was sunny.

And this would be me, giving them a headstart and a hand in the snowman-building project:

It’s hard work, and a very good workout! 🙂  Just imagine, your body needs to work extra hard to fight off the cold (especially when the wind starts blowing) and also, you need to keep rolling and patting the snowballs to make it larger and larger for the snowman, all the time making sure the snowballs stay intact and that the snowman doesn’t topple over!

The kids again enjoyed every moment of their time in the snow.  They had fun rolling the snowballs around and watching them grow bigger and bigger…and now, they also had Daddy to throw snowballs at!

After some really hard work and teamwork, we began to see the snowman take shape…

Good thing we managed to find some wood chips nearby for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Hannah insisted our snowman should have some buttons too, but we’re still missing that hat for the snowman.

We made the snowman face the front door entrance to our apartment, so that the kids could look at him every time we come out of or come back home to our house.

Not bad for a first attempt at a snowman, eh? 🙂

Our snowman is still standing tall after several days, even though it has been sunny for the past few days; and the kids are still as happy as ever to say hi to their snowman every time they see him.


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