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Look At My Kitchen Mittens!

For weeks Hannah has been playing with her toy kitchen utensils and pretend food in the lovely little toy kitchen set we got her for Christmas.  In her own creative way, she has been using little plastic bags and wrappers as kitchen mittens.

It was an absolute eyesore for me, so I took out my sewing set and what I brought along with it, found some pieces of felt material and measured Hannah’s hands.  I simply sewed two pieces together using the backstitch (oh yes, I know what a backstitch is even though I did not take Home Science in school!), and then turned them inside out!

I made one mitten two days ago, and Hannah wanted another one, so now she has two, and it’s such a joy to see her “cooking” now.

Even more fulfilling is when she gave me the biggest widest smile and said, “Thank you for making me the kitchen mittens, Mommy!  I promise to share them with Ethan!”


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