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Getting into the School Spirit!

The elementary school that Ethan goes to assigns a special day each month called Spirit Day.  The aim is to have the teachers and students come together as one to promote the school spirit and also usually they would have a community or charity drive too.  The school Spirit Day for the month of January was held last Friday, and it was themed “Crazy Hat Day”.  Everyone was to wear a crazy hat to school and also if possible, bring something (like canned food items or toiletries) to be donated to the community cupboard.

So I made this simple crazy hat for Ethan, by sewing on several playdough cutters around the rim of his cap. 🙂

…and he had a great time in school!

In fact, I can tell that Ethan is really enjoying his school life here.  He brings back homework every Monday in a folder, and the homework is assigned for the whole week through Thursday.  Friday is when the homework is due, and of course, weekends are rest days for the kids, which is how it is supposed to be. 🙂

School hours are from 9:05a.m. to 3:05p.m., which means Ethan has lunch in school.  He makes his choice from a selection of 4 or 5 menu items each day, and I pack his lunch money is small ziploc bags for easy handling.  Initially, I had wanted to write a check in advance to pass to the cafeteria, but Ethan says he prefers it this way.  He feels more grown-up! 😀


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